Shorty is a minimalistic URL shortener plugin for WordPress. All you need to use it is to put a simple shortcode into your post or page, or add Shorty widget to the widgetized area. Main features are:

  • Shortcodes and widgets to embed URL shortener to any of your pages or posts
  • “Shorten this page url” button allows to receive a short url of the current page.
  • Statistics available for short URLS generated. Each user only sees his own stats.
  • And many more 🙂

Form examples

Goo style

Code:[shorty skin="goo"]

Plastic style

Code:[shorty skin="plastic"]

Metro style

Code: [shorty skin="metro"]

Minimal style

Code: [shorty skin="minimal"]

“Shorten this page url” button examples:

GOO style

Code: [shorty_this skin="goo"]


Code: [shorty_this skin="plastic"]

METRO style

Code: [shorty_this skin="metro"]


Code: [shorty_this skin="minimal"]